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Kiss EverEZLashes

Kiss EverEZLashes

I’m amazed with this new product, as if they read my thoughts. I read about it in some magazine related to women style, and found videos and articles about it in the web.
These days I’m using the fake eyelashes to attend weddings, and they take a lot of time to apply them. And here comes the new fake eyelashes; Kiss EverEZLashes, with a YouTube demo on how to apply them. I still didn’t try it yet, did you? Once I do I will provide you with full feedback, unless you do before :)

B+F Open Flame Kitchen Kuwait

B+F Open Flame Kitchen Kuwait

No matter how many time I went to B+F restaurant in 360 malls, every time I order new dish and enjoy it and fall in love with the restaurant more and more.
This time I ordered crunched salad and grilled chicken breast, which I’m not sure the name of the dishes.
Some of the dishes that I recommend that you try is the Tokyo Salad (crab) and Wild Fire Burger, and end up your meal with the Brownie Pudding.
I really recommend eating there either lunch or dinner, however the best time for me weekdays between 4 to 5 pm

crunched salad and grilled chicken breast
P+F Open Flame Kitchen (3)


Tokyo Salad

B+F Open Flame Kitchen_10

Wild Fire Burger

B+F Open Flame Kitchen (5) B+F Open Flame Kitchen (6)


Brownie Pudding

Gowy Sticky Toffee Pudding