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Mt Trip To Bahrain Jan 2015

Mt Trip To Bahrain Jan 2015

It was a weekend trip with the Kuwait Airways new Airplane, and the trip was smooth with small turbulence.



We stayed at The Ritz Carlton, which was renewed recently, and I have some notes on it.

We requested sea view room and they informed us it’s on availability, but when we reached the hotel they told us its extra charge and not available, which they should say when we did the reservation in the first place.

And when we requested the late checkout, they said it’s not possible, and then they agreed as and say it’s a favor.

Plus whenever I order milk with teabag on the side they never charged me for the teabag; only with this hotel we’ve been charged for it. As for the staff and reception they were welcoming and respectful and served us very well.


  • Nirvana

Indian cuisine located in the hotel, which we had our dinner in on the first day.

Everything was perfect, beginning from the service ending with the food.


  • Ban AlSubuh

New Local restaurant serve different type of local dish and open at 6am. The Chef is young Bahraini who we meet while our visit.

Tel: 97339699962

Location: Jannusan, Bahrain.




  • Villa Mamas Restaurant

I just love this place and it wasn’t my first visit, and I make the reservation on phone one week prior to my visit.

Tel: 17305031

Location: locates opposite Saar Cinema





  • Café Lilou

We went for dinner next day and it was very crowded and waited almost one hour to be seated.

Tel: 17715370 – 17003005

Location: Al-Seef Bahrain





  • Artikel Store

Home Furnishings and Decorations Shop, which is a must visited while you are in Bahrain.

Located in Barbar Village, Jawad Dome Mall




  • Jawad Taher

My Mother and Grandmother tailor, For women Abaya “عباية”
Location: Al-Muharraq




  • Basta

New restaurant with Kuwaiti theme. I didn’t get the chance to try it because I was full, do only tried the Zaatar with Karak, which both were good.

Tel: 77575757

Location: Aali,Riyadat Mall

Working hrs 9am -11pm




  • Amina Gallery

Very beautiful and talented young lady transferred her painting to accessories, with reasonable prices.

Location: Riyadat Mall, Ali area




The Stack Restaurant Kuwait

The Stack Restaurant Kuwait

Beautifully decorated small place, in the heart of the city.


The Mediterranean Burger (3.600 K.D), loved the sauce, and although i requested it medium well it was over cooked.

The Tartufo Burger (4.200 K.D). It was good

The Truffle Potato (3.250 K.D), It need to be cooked more and to add more sauce.

Opening Hours: 12pm-10:30pm

Tel: 22415166

Location: Abdullah Al Mubarak St, Kuwait City




Yatai Japaneses Cuisine Kuwait

Yatai Japaneses Cuisine Kuwait

The overall experience was good, though they took two hours to deliver the food.


Samurai Maki (4.250 K.D), Loved it

Yatai Maki (4.500 K.D), average.

Garlic Spicy Edamame (1.750 K.D), very salty.

Kani Furai (3.500 K.D), good.

Edamame (1.250 K.D), regular.

Hot & Sour Soup (1.250 K.D) loved it


Tel: 22630203




Burger Master Kuwait

Burger Master Kuwait

I’m not sure if they cater food, or they will have place to serve their burgers, but I’ve tried them as catering and they were good. They know the concept of medium well cooking although they are new, and the taste was excellent.

Wish them the best luck :)

Tel: 22200099





Azumami Sushi Japanese Cuisine Kuwait

Azumami Sushi Japanese Cuisine Kuwait

What not to love in this place, everything starting from the food ending with the staff it’s just perfect. This time we dine-in and we were spoiled by the Chef, thanks for the special order :)


Aburi Maki (3.750 K.D), very tasty

Boston Maki (3.750 K.D), regular

Edamame Maki (3.500 K.D), very tasty

Harasu Sushi (1.500 K.D), Special of the Chef and it’s a Must. Make sure you request it, since it’s not in the menu yet.

Complementary green tea and Tiramisu

Total: 12.500 K.D


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