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Dikakeen Restaurant Kuwait

Dikakeen Restaurant Kuwait

Part of the M2 Restaurants in Salhiya, which serve Egyptian cuisine. Loved the decoration, the service is a bit slow need enhancement.

Overall it was good experience. Things that caught my eye was the dishes names :)


Hal Eiyam Salam (4.750 K.D) from the name it’s today salad, which have Quinoa in it :)

Platter no.49 (6.000 K.D) include Samosa, Grape leaves, Hummus, Fatta , and Eggplant.

Bou Ali Mishaltet (2.750 K.D) فطير مشلتت Cheese with tomato.

Tawouk Sandwich (3.250 K.D) Chicken.

Shawrma Meat (2.750 K.D)

Ghaybouba dessert (4.250 K.D)

Arabic Coffee (5.000 K.D)

Plus drinks total: 31.700 K.D

Tel: 22996552

Location: Al-Salhiya Complex




Cocoa Room Restaurant Kuwait

Cocoa Room Restaurant Kuwait

There are places that you keep coming back to, such as Cocoa. I love everything there, food, staff, and the atmosphere. This time I celebrated my birthday with them, and had lot of fun.

Thanks :)

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Tatami Japanese Restaurant

Tatami Japanese Restaurant

I went there when they first opened, but there are a lot of restaurants in Kuwait that I didn’t have the chance to visit it again. We went between 5pm to 6pm and it was quiet “you don’t have to reserve for this time” and the service, the food and everything was perfect.

Order and Prices:

Edamame (1.650 K.D)

Kani Furai Clouds (3.650 K.D)

Shrimp Salad (3.800 K.D)

Ringo Maki (2.700 K.D)

Kani Crab Furai Maki (4.350 K.D)

Infused water (1.750 K.D)

Pomegranate (3.000 K.D)

Total 20.900 K.D

Tel: 22251266

Location: Sharq’s new business district


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Ora Japaneses Restaurant Kuwait

Ora Japaneses Restaurant Kuwait

Love the food, the atmosphere and the service, the only disturbing thing was the music need to change it to more Asian one.

Edamame (1.750 K.D)

Ora Edamame (2.500 K.D)

Tiger Shrimp (4.500 K.D)

Salmon Crab Salad (4.500 K.D)

Tiger Shrimp Roll (4.750 K.D)

Wagyu Beef CP (9.000 K.D)

Short Rib (9.750 K.D)

Don Short Rib (5.500 K.D)

Rocca Wagyu Beef (15.000 K.D)

Yellowtail Tacos (5.500 K.D)

Chocolate & Salt Caramel (3.750 K.D)

Cinnamon & Pecan (3.750 K.D)

J’s Mojito (2.000 K.D)

Aqua Large (1.500 K.D)

Green Tea (1.250 K.D)

Tel: 22275900

Location: Arabella. Al-Ta’awen St.




Tabaq Pakistan Restaurant Kuwait مطعم الطبق الباكستاني

Tabaq Pakistan Restaurant Kuwait مطعم الطبق الباكستاني

It’s very old Pakistani restaurant located in the heart of Kuwait, which serve traditional dishes. Very tasty food and it’s not expensive

Tel: 22424227

Location: Al-Murqab