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My trip to Dubai Apr 2015

My trip to Dubai Apr 2015

This is a non-shopping trip to try new Restaurants and Cafes. We traveled on Friday morning and returned Saturday night by FlyDubai


We rent a car from Dollar through FlyDubai website, and everything went smooth and perfect.

We stayed at Manzil Downtown Dubai, the entire experience was beautiful, beginning from the reception to the check-out. Our room on the fifth floor with beautiful view of Burj Khalifa Tower

Location: Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, The Old Town, Downtown Dubai.

Tel: +971 4 428 5888




We visited the Miracel Garden, and unfortunately we were late we didn’t have the chance to see the butterflies, they close at 6pm. And since it was Friday it was very crowded, I will not recommend to go on weekends or afternoon. Try to go early morning, I think they open 9am. But it was amazingly beautiful.

Location: Al Barsha South 3,   Barsha / Dubailand Area

Tel: 04-4228902


One of the new places that we visited for the first time is Al Bastakiya Old Town, which is located in Al Fahidi, Oud Metha, Dubai. Make sure you go at night, not everything open in the morning.



Restaurant that we visited:

Em Sherif

Make sure you reserve for your visit, otherwise you will not be seated. The food was amazingly tasty and it’s set menu, the only thing that you will be ordering is the drinks, which is not included in the set menu (Not Acceptable). They served us Large Water without asking, and then they charged us for it.

They start serving the food once you requested, and start with cold mezze , Hot mezze, Grilled, then end it with dessert. Make sure you are very hungry, and it’s better to go in large group

We payed 768.999 AED for two

Location: The Address Downtown Dubai , United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971 4 42 43 000


I’ve heard a lot about it, so I deiced to try it. Loved the location, the seating area, and the theme. As for the food it was tasty, but they serve it well done, while I requested it to be medium. Overall it was pretty experience.

I don’t remember how much I paid but it’s not more than 30 AED for two

Location: Road trip : Abudhabi Mushrif park




Emirates cuisine, limited menu options, great and friendly staff. As for the taste it wasn’t that good, it was in average level.

Location: Al Wasl Road



Uni Café and Restaurant

OMG when i saw the Egg masala gravy, I said I must have it. and seriously I enjoyed every bit, and the Karak tea was very tasty. It was the best meal I’ve had in Dubai. And it only cost me 15 AED for one dish and three Karak Tea, plus the Water.

Location: Shop 3, Taj Daulat Building, Opposite Dubai Museum, Al Fahidi Road, Meena Bazaar, Dubai


La Petite Maison

French cuisine that is extremely tasty and our waiter “Baby” yes his name is Baby, he was amazing and so friendly the opposite to the host, she didn’t even smile and treated us in not good way, though she was very very friendly with our customers. Overall it was great experiment in all aspects.

Cost include salad, main dish, desserts, and drinks was 852.50 AED

Make sure you make a  reserve before you go.

Location: DIFC, Gate Village 08

Tel: 04 439 0506


Japanese Bakery

Tried the Rose croissant, which was very tasty, and the mecha Latte, it was good.

Location: Al Wasl Square complex on Al Wasl Road

Tel: 043881811


Home Bakery

I didn’t take any pictures, but I tried there Espresso and it wasn’t that good, however the cookies are very tasty.


Location: Al Wasl road Galleria Mall

Tel: 043444462


The trip was perfect for weekend, and we covered a lot of new places and can’t wait for my next trip :)





Mt Trip To Bahrain Jan 2015

Mt Trip To Bahrain Jan 2015

It was a weekend trip with the Kuwait Airways new Airplane, and the trip was smooth with small turbulence.



We stayed at The Ritz Carlton, which was renewed recently, and I have some notes on it.

We requested sea view room and they informed us it’s on availability, but when we reached the hotel they told us its extra charge and not available, which they should say when we did the reservation in the first place.

And when we requested the late checkout, they said it’s not possible, and then they agreed as and say it’s a favor.

Plus whenever I order milk with teabag on the side they never charged me for the teabag; only with this hotel we’ve been charged for it. As for the staff and reception they were welcoming and respectful and served us very well.


  • Nirvana

Indian cuisine located in the hotel, which we had our dinner in on the first day.

Everything was perfect, beginning from the service ending with the food.


  • Ban AlSubuh

New Local restaurant serve different type of local dish and open at 6am. The Chef is young Bahraini who we meet while our visit.

Tel: 97339699962

Location: Jannusan, Bahrain.




  • Villa Mamas Restaurant

I just love this place and it wasn’t my first visit, and I make the reservation on phone one week prior to my visit.

Tel: 17305031

Location: locates opposite Saar Cinema





  • Café Lilou

We went for dinner next day and it was very crowded and waited almost one hour to be seated.

Tel: 17715370 – 17003005

Location: Al-Seef Bahrain





  • Artikel Store

Home Furnishings and Decorations Shop, which is a must visited while you are in Bahrain.

Located in Barbar Village, Jawad Dome Mall




  • Jawad Taher

My Mother and Grandmother tailor, For women Abaya “عباية”
Location: Al-Muharraq




  • Basta

New restaurant with Kuwaiti theme. I didn’t get the chance to try it because I was full, do only tried the Zaatar with Karak, which both were good.

Tel: 77575757

Location: Aali,Riyadat Mall

Working hrs 9am -11pm




  • Amina Gallery

Very beautiful and talented young lady transferred her painting to accessories, with reasonable prices.

Location: Riyadat Mall, Ali area




Bab Dokalh Farm Kuwait

Bab Dokalh Farm Kuwait

Bab Dokalh Farm located in Al-Abdaly area North of Kuwait, which contain lot of different kinds of animals, such as Racon, Kangaroo, Ostrich… and more.

They open there doors only in the weekend and you can check there Instagram account for more info.

Tel: 66653910




Zwarat Awal Expo. معرض زوارة اول

Zwarat Awal Expo. معرض زوارة اول

Last Saturday I went for Zwarat Awal Expo., which organized by the beautiful razzablog At Bait Al-Sadu front of Al-Seef Palace.
It was a one day expo. and it was very pretty; the theme is old Kuwait from the decoration to the cloth.

The food from Al-Fouz Kitchen, which was amazing as usual, and my bays from Faleisa, Hamsakwt, and W.By.Wesal. As for the other participate there were more such as najebaq, thescarf, melts_catering, danadeshjewell, baboonastore, and more that I don’t recall or remembers, but they all offer pretty items.


Manuel Delgado Flamenco Group In Kuwait

Manuel Delgado Flamenco Group In Kuwait

Last night it was a beautiful night with the amazing Manuel Delgado Flamenco group in the Kuwait International Museum.  You can check there account for upcoming events.


I uploaded the videos in my Youtube channel

Kuwait International Museum

Manuel Delgado Flamenco Group