Sultan Chef. Turkish SteakHouse

Sultan Chef. Turkish SteakHouse

It took me long time before I could get a reservation for the restaurant. I did enjoy the visit, excellent food, and good service, however in terms of money,  it’s extremely expensive.  But I don’t mind visiting it again.


Farm Salad (4.000 K.D). very tasty and it’s a must

Cheesy Meatball (4.750 K.D) very Tasty and it’s a must

Rack of Lamb (34.600 K.D) tasty

Antep Baklava (2.950 K.D) Very Tasty and it’s a must

Plus drinks total: 50.05 K.D


Location: AlTijariya Tower‬ M2

Tel: 22968005 – 22968006


Cost: V. Expensive

Service: V.Good

Food: V.Good

Location: Good

Cuisines: Turkish



My trip to Muscat, Oman.

My trip to Muscat, Oman.

It wasn’t my first trip to Muscat, and I don’t think it will be the last. And I stayed at Al-Bandar Shangri La Resort (for the second time), the first time at Al-Waha, and the third is Al-Hussain, which is only for Businessmen and Honeymoon (no children allowed, not even for the restaurants). I went through the Oman Air.

Oman people are very respectful and polite, and they serve even if they don’t know you. The country has many incredible neutral mountains and sea. Most people go for hiking, fishing and diving. And there is another activity. I went for relaxing.

I reserved a private sea trip with Luluat Al Day Maniyat, which includes fishing, snorkeling, dolphins view, banana boot, and privet beach.

Places that must be visited while staying there are Sultan Qaboos Grand Masjid (open for visitors from 8am to 10am), Royal Opera House (open for visitors from 8am to 10am), and Muttrah Souq (old Souq).



Bait Ahmad Kuwait

Bait Ahmad Kuwait

Located in Al-Mubarakiya Souk (The old souk) and sales different items, old and new. Plus small cafe in the corner of the store that serves coffee, cakes and some sandwich. I didn’t try the cafe but we did some shopping over there.

Tel: 22467373





Ora Japaneses Restaurant Kuwait

Ora Japaneses Restaurant Kuwait

My second visit and I really love it, and loved all the food that we tried “Didn’t eat the raw roll :)”.

In winter it will be excellent destination :)

Tel: 22275900

Location: Arabella. Al-Ta’awen St.



Dikakeen Restaurant Kuwait

Dikakeen Restaurant Kuwait

Part of the M2 Restaurants in Salhiya, which serve Egyptian cuisine. Loved the decoration, the service is a bit slow need enhancement.

Overall it was good experience. Things that caught my eye was the dishes names :)


Hal Eiyam Salam (4.750 K.D) from the name it’s today salad, which have Quinoa in it :)

Platter no.49 (6.000 K.D) include Samosa, Grape leaves, Hummus, Fatta , and Eggplant.

Bou Ali Mishaltet (2.750 K.D) فطير مشلتت Cheese with tomato.

Tawouk Sandwich (3.250 K.D) Chicken.

Shawrma Meat (2.750 K.D)

Ghaybouba dessert (4.250 K.D)

Arabic Coffee (5.000 K.D)

Plus drinks total: 31.700 K.D

Tel: 22996552

Location: Al-Salhiya Complex